• +Our Classes
    • EverybodyFights was designed to have everything you need under one roof. Boxer’s don’t just punch things. Boxer’s run, lift, punch and recover. You’ll find all of that in our Class Series: TRAIN (circuit), BAGS (boxing), ROAD (treadmill), MITTS (technique) and RECOVER (recovery). 
    • Learn more about each classroom and the classes here
  • +My First Time
    • Welcome to EverybodyFights. Take our quick online orientation prior to your first class to ensure you have everything you need.
    • You must arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.
    • Introduce yourself at the front desk and they’ll take care of the rest.
    • Rental gloves will be free on your first visit.
  • +How to Check In for Class

    To ensure you have enough time to check in, we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early.

    Booking App:

    • You can skip the line and self check-in on the Booking App
    • You must be logged in and physically in the gym for this feature to work (make sure location services are enabled)
    • You can only check in to class within 3 hours prior to class start time

    If you’re not checked in 5 minutes prior to class, your spot could be released to someone on the waitlist.

    Front Desk Kiosk:

    • Go to the iPads at our Front Desk.
    • Enter your email address in the “Check in here” field.

    If you’re not checked in 5 minutes prior to class, your spot could be released to someone on the waitlist.


  • +Never Boxed Before
    • All good! That’s why we’re here. Our classes are suitable for beginners to advanced fitness levels.
    • Some of our classes don’t have boxing, while others focus more on technique. Learn more about our classes here.
  • +Gloves and Wraps
    • PRE-PURCHASE | You can pre-purchase your rental gloves from our booking app! Download here.
    • GLOVES | Free for your first class and $3 for all future classes (members always get free rental gloves).
    • HAND WRAPS | Available in our pro shop to purchase for $12.
    • GLOVES NEEDED: BAGS, TRAIN (except strength and cardio), MITTS, TECHNIQUE
    • GLOVES NOT NEEDED: ROAD, TRAIN | strength and cardio, STRENGTH
  • +How to Book Classes
    • Log in to your account, select your preferred class and then find availability on the spot scheduler.
    • Open spots will be in orange while reserved spots will be in grey.
    • Members have a 10 Day Booking Window, while Non-Members have a 7 Day Booking Window.
    • Download the class booking app or click the schedule button in the top navigation.
  • +Locker Room and Amenities
    • All Club locations have locker rooms, towel service, showers and shower amenities.
    • Some locations also include a sauna and/or steam room.
    • Visit our locations page to see amenities specific to your home gym.
  • +Private Events, Charity Events and Raffle Donations
    • Go to our Events Booking page to submit a request or learn more about private and semi-private events.
    • Check out our Foundation page to learn more about charity events and raffle donations.
  • +Gym Hours, Parking and Transportation
    • Head over to our locations page for specific business hours, parking and transportation info.
  • +Membership and Class Pack Options
    • We offer a variety of class pack and membership options. Pricing may vary depending on location.
    • Click here to find your location and view all of the options to join the fight.
  • +Membership Benefits
    • Access to our Member’s Only MITTS class
    • Free rental gloves on every visit
    • 15% discount on all Pro Shop Items and Services, including Personal Training
    • 10 Day Booking Window
  • +Class Cancellation Policy
    • If you need to cancel your class, log in to your account, select MY ACCOUNT and then MY CLASSES. Find your class, select the gear icon and select Unreserve. 
    • You must cancel 3 hours in advance or you lose the class (non-members) or receive a $5 fee (members). 
    • If you have not checked in at least 5 minutes prior to class, your spot will be released to someone on the waitlist and you will incur a no show penalty. 
    • No shows will be assessed using the same cancellation policy penalties.
  • +Waitlist Policy
    • If a class is full, you can join the waitlist. If someone cancels, you will automatically be put into the open spot. 
    • The spots given to those on the waitlist are prioritized based on when they joined the waitlist.
    • If you are added from the waitlist and don’t attend the class, you may be penalized with a no show.
    • If you want to remove yourself from the waitlist, log in to your account, select “my attendance,” find your class and click the cancel button.
    • Five minutes prior to class, unclaimed spots will be released to those on the waitlist by the Front Desk. 
    • Please remember you are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to class to check in.
  • +Open Gym
    • Book an Open Gym Workout on your class booking app at your convenience
    • Work out in any of the open classrooms or in the designated Open Gym cardio and weight area (available at some locations)
  • +Gloves Cleanliness
    • We clean, sanitize and dry our rental boxing gloves after every use so you always have a fresh pair.
  • +Pro Shop
    • We have an online and in-gym pro shop stocked with apparel, equipment and accessories.
    • Our apparel collection includes t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, sports bras, leggings, and shorts.
    • Our equipment collection includes boxing gloves, hand wraps and quick wraps.
    • Our accessories collection includes water bottles, drawstring bags, socks, hats and beanies.
    • Members get 15% off all pro shop gear.
  • +Personal Training
    • To get started with Personal Training, click here and follow the prompts
    • We offer one on one and group Personal Training options.
    • For more information about Personal Training packages, contact us at one of our locations.

Hit us up on live chat from 9AM-12PM and 1PM-5PM EST weekdays or shoot us an email 24/7 at help@everybodyfights.com