Dear EBF Community,

We have proactively decided to close down operations of all EverybodyFights facilities effective Monday, March 16th until April 7th unless we notify you otherwise. This has not been an easy decision by any means. We understand the power of community during difficult times, and we know the strength that each one of us derives from being a part of this community that we have all built together.

Currently we believe the best course of action is to follow the guidance of doctors and public health officials to stay at home and look after our loved ones, to avoid congregating, and encourage social distancing, all in an effort to support our local government’s goal of flattening the curve over the next week to slow the infection rate of this virus. 

Within the next week or sooner, we will communicate to you our plan for all membership questions and fees. For now, we are asking for your patience as we are all in the same boat working as fast as we can to come up with answers as we navigate these uncharted waters to take care of our staff and families.  As you can imagine things are moving and changing daily and the health and safety of our fighters and staff will remain our primary focus, but we will move as quickly as we can to get you the straight answers that you deserve. While maintaining safety as our first priority, we will also be working daily to come up with solutions to support the physical fitness and emotional health of our community throughout this time.  Thank you for supporting us as you always have.  

It is our hope that these actions and the shared sacrifice made by the entire EBF community at this time will inspire others (as others have inspired us) to band together with one common goal: to put the health and safety of those around us first.

As we’ve seen in the speed with which this public health crisis has escalated, every little action that we each take now will contribute to the ultimate outcome. We are all in this together, and we will all be affected by each of our individual choices. 

Our sole goal in closing our doors, something that we take very seriously knowing how important EBF is to each one of you, is to protect our fight family and your extended loved ones. We cannot live with the possibility of contributing to the sickness or suffering of anyone in our community at a time like this. Furthermore, we cannot help but think of our parents, grandparents, and our close friends and loved ones who have fragile respiratory and immune systems, and the effects our actions over the next week will have on spreading the virus. It simply does not feel right to contribute to the spread and endanger someone in or outside our community if we can help it.

Without a doubt, we know the next few weeks will be very challenging for our entire community, but we are confident that we will emerge from this fight stronger and better than ever, as we always do.  Our community was built on an idea, an idea that in each and every one of us is a fighter and a leader waiting to be unleashed when called upon and today we call upon you to fight together to flatten the curve so that our community can come back together as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions or ideas, please reach out to us and we will continue to stay in communication as things develop.

Remember, we CHOSE to fight. We fight hard. We Fight Together. Now let’s do what we do.

In Health,

Team EverybodyFights


Dear EBF Community,

In an effort to minimize crowdedness and shared surfaces, we have taken additional steps with regard to class schedule, capacity and structure. Please read below for details. 

If you signed up for a class next week that has changed times, you will receive an email notification by the end of today. If you’re not currently signed into a class for next week, we suggest you wait until the new class schedule is posted tomorrow morning on our website and booking app. We will continue to implement schedule changes beyond next week based on the information we have and guidance we receive, so please keep an eye on the schedule for further adjustments.




  • Reduced quantity of classes on the schedule. 
  • Adjusted class start times to provide 30 minutes between classes within each classroom to allow for cleaning between classes. 
  • Removed any class that includes person-to-person contact, including MITTS and SPARRING
  • Changed all TRAIN classes (with gloves) to TRAIN | cardio or strength so participants can complete the class at one station, rather than rotating from station to station



  • Significantly reduced the capacity of all of our classes to allow participants to spread themselves out.



  • TRAIN: You will complete the class in one spot, with your own set of equipment, without rotating from station to station. The reduced capacity will allow you to spread out. 
  • ROAD: You will have your own treadmill and deck. 
  • BAGS: You can spread out given the reduced capacity.


In Health,

Team EverybodyFights



Dear EBF Community,

We will be suspending our glove rental service in an effort to minimize the spreading of germs. If you wish to get your own gloves for future use, we will be providing our current stock at cost.

Thank you for your understanding as we do our best to implement precautionary measures during this time.

In Health,

Team EverybodyFights


Dear EBF Community,

Subscribe for direct text message updates above or check back at any time for live updates on gym schedule, operations and cleaning procedures.

In Health,

Team EverybodyFights

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at help@everybodyfights.com

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