George Foreman III

Schedule 1 on 1 Training Sessions with a Fight School Coach to work on your skills throughout the course, then complete your live test after completing the course to receive your LEVEL 3 - OFFENSE Certificate.

12 Videos
108 Minutes

In this course, you'll learn advanced offensive moves, specifically the feint and counter, as well as combinations. This course includes: feint jab-right hand, feint right hand-jab, feint-jab to the body-right hand, counter left hook to the body, and more.

Level 3 - Offense20 Minutes
Level 3 - Putting It All Together25 Minutes
Level 3 - Fight Styles37 Minutes
Combo Lead Shoulder Roll & Right Hand1 Minute
Slip Right & 2-31 Minute
Combo Bob & 3-2-51 Minute
Combo Weave & 2-3-21 Minute
Combo 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Shoeshine1 Minute
Lead Shoulder Roll & 2-5-2-31 Minute
Combo Weave & 2-3-61 Minute
Combo Lead Shoulder Roll & (2) Right Hand1 Minute
Sparring Safety & Etiquette18 Minutes