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Namastay Sober

Namastay Sober

March 17, 2019 | Nico

We came. We boxed. We stretched. We fought… 
We also raised $24,800 for Namastay Sober!

NamaStay Sober is a Massachusetts-based charity whose mission is to aid those recovering from addiction by reconnecting their bodies and minds through complimentary yoga & fitness memberships, a practice of self awareness and a loving community. 

On Saturday, November 17th we held an event at EverybodyFights FiDi featuring 12 rounds of boxing, yoga, meditation, dance and more. EverybodyFights members, trainers, staff and extended family came in to support this amazing cause.

“We decided to partner with Namastay Sober to strengthen our commitment to all communities, especially ones who understands that daily, everyone is fighting their own fight,” said Lauren Keenan, EverybodyFights Trainer.

To learn more about this amazing cause and to learn about more ways to support their efforts, go to


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